Friday, April 30, 2010

WebWeaver End-of-Month Update

I finished the HOA web site last week and it went live. Everything worked and the site seemed to be well-received. I had to make a few changes in dates and documents that I didn't have the latest info/version but, other than that, it's good. Of course, I'm always tweaking here and there. I'm still not convinced I like the current background.

The HVAC site has come along tremendously. I am working now on the product listing to link to all the spec .pdfs. I reduced the DIY Guide from over40 megs to around 6 without degrading the quality too much. The site under construction is on the web server and I notified the client but he's not getting my emails so I'm investigating as to why. I hope to have the product listings finished this coming week so the site might be ready a week from now. I really hope so. I think my client is ready for it to be done.

Pet sitting site is status quo. I plan to contact a couple of local fellow pet service advertisers on craigslist to see about trading links. I could use more pet sitting business since some clients have moved out of the area and a couple other pets I used to watch have expired.

FreeUssery site is going well. No problems. However, I'm still looking for a unique hit counter that's appropriate in looks for the page and uses the least amount of obnoxious advertising. Might have to spend a little money to find it.

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