Friday, April 30, 2010

WebWeaver End-of-Month Update

I finished the HOA web site last week and it went live. Everything worked and the site seemed to be well-received. I had to make a few changes in dates and documents that I didn't have the latest info/version but, other than that, it's good. Of course, I'm always tweaking here and there. I'm still not convinced I like the current background.

The HVAC site has come along tremendously. I am working now on the product listing to link to all the spec .pdfs. I reduced the DIY Guide from over40 megs to around 6 without degrading the quality too much. The site under construction is on the web server and I notified the client but he's not getting my emails so I'm investigating as to why. I hope to have the product listings finished this coming week so the site might be ready a week from now. I really hope so. I think my client is ready for it to be done.

Pet sitting site is status quo. I plan to contact a couple of local fellow pet service advertisers on craigslist to see about trading links. I could use more pet sitting business since some clients have moved out of the area and a couple other pets I used to watch have expired.

FreeUssery site is going well. No problems. However, I'm still looking for a unique hit counter that's appropriate in looks for the page and uses the least amount of obnoxious advertising. Might have to spend a little money to find it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Latest....

I finally finished the re-work of the HOA site. Had to make a few minor changes after the organization secretary found some errors in dates and some out-of-date documents. Hey, I'm only as good as the info they send me. So, besides that, everything looks good and works plus have had a couple positive comments.

I'm not doing well keeping up on my WordPress blog. I had originally planned to post daily but it's been over a week now. No one has committed to follow it so that might have something to do with it. I'm not letting anyone down. I'm still ironing out issues with installing on my web space to utilize for the WebWeaver page. So far all I can do is manually upload the files one at a time and that isn't right. Back to the drawing board next week.

The hardware site is coming along. I finished a makeover of a 12-page DIY document in Photoshop and converted it to .pdf in Acrobat so it can be downloaded from the site. I also have several pages/files of product specs that have to be linked on pages. Tedious, but then I'll be pretty much done with it. I might actually get paid a little for this one.

I have a book on its way from to gain more knowledge of Adobe Acrobat. If the program doesn't do something automatically, I'm at a loss.

Ordered new, updated business cards for WebWeaver. I joined the NAPP (Natl. Assoc. of Photoshop Professionals) for all they offer and wanted it on the cards. Plus I added that I specialize in small businesses and individuals so I don't get in over my head. Once I finish the hardware site I'll wrap up the WebWeaver site and start doing a little local advertising, initially on craigslist.

I feel pretty good about the recent progress I've made.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two down...Three to go.

I completed the site this past week. I had been trying to use Web Studio 5.0 but have given up the ghost. It is impossible, fraught with bugs and errors, no longer supports frames (not that I use them but I wanted one for a site) and periodically crashes my computer in the middle of a session. So, back to Version 4.0 which is fast and stable. Why the programmers couldn't juice up this version with a couple of updates is beyond me. I plan to see if I can get my money back.

CreatureCare has also been updated after a data loss and I like the new design. It's fast, smooth, loads quickly and looks great on all three major browsers. Love that CSS! The background is more attractive and I added a PayPal button/link for clients to pay me that way instead of leaving a check.

I've been working on a new home page graphic for Timberlake that resembles an old postcard using photos from the community. I'm back to WS 4.0, having given up making a site look and work well in 5.0. I think this next week I'll make some real progress on this site.

I'm moving to WS 4.0 for HMD, as well. I converted the home page graphic in Photoshop and plan to get something up if it's only 1-2 pages. I'm still short on content, and since that might not change in the near future I need to go with what I have.

The WebWeaver site ought to be up and running soon, too, after the previous sites are ready. I also have a couple of great testimonials to add now, too. I need to update my business cards so will probably order more from VistaPrint.