Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've decided to start a new blog in WordPress to familiarize myself with the program. (I have a potential client who is interested in using it.) I signed up on wordpress.com last night and started a blog having to do with bible study. It's pretty easy to use but not as easy as Blogger. However, it looks like it has more options for customization, especially if you upgrade to more features (for $$). At WordPress.org, there's free software to download so I can host my own web server. Next on my list of things to do.....

Made some serious progress yesterday with the freeussery.com site. Waiting for more content from the client.
Signed up with PayPal to add a link on the CreatureCare web site to accept payments and credit cards online from clients. I'm not abe to use the fancy ad I created for craigslist. Someone keeps flagging it saying it's "too commercial". So I'm going with the plain text ad but I did add a hyperlink to the web site. Maybe I can sneak in my logo, too.
I keep changing the layout on the HOA web site to make it more efficient and streamlined. Many less-sophisticated users there so want to keep the bells & whistles to a minimum. I'm using "fly out" menus for some categories and I'm having some problems getting them just right.
I need to pick up the pace on the hardware site. I have great template now. I've been held back due to a lack of content about the business and its owners. I do have plenty of product info so will focus on that. Many, many .pdfs that I need to create links for in a pleasing fashion.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weird computer things....

I went in to make a small, insignificant update to a link on one of my web sites. When I uploaded the changes and previewed the site I noticed that it had gone back in time to December 2009. WTF? I slapped an "under construction" sign on the home page and plan to work on bringing it back up to date this week. I tried a system restore back to approx. 2 weeks ago on my system (Windows XP) but it didn't change the web site files. I'm working on a rebuild of this particular site but it's not ready for prime time yet so I have to make the corrections on the old site plus work on the new.

Wish I could figure out what happened so it doesn't happen again!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I made a small change on the HOA web site yesterday and for some idiot reason, after I uploaded the change to the server, the site had gone back in time to December! WTF? I'm assuming an old or back-up file got in there somewhere but I know not.....

Anyway, not only do I have to update the old site to the present day but I'm still working on the new site, which isn't ready, of course.

I slapped an "Under Construction" sign on the home page and hope my constituents will understand for a few days.

Grandsons are coming for the weekend so I don't predict getting anything done at least until Sunday or Monday.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Experiment in Blogging...

I'm using this platform to learn more about blogging in general, especially as I get started on my web design and management business, WebWeaver. I currently have a couple of web design clients who are interested in having a blog on their new sites but I think it would make sense to link to a blog vs. fiddling with updates directly on their web page. The clients could use this platform anytime, anywhere and the link on their respective sites would/should always be current.