Sunday, December 12, 2010

Late 2010 Update

Wow, almost 3 months have gone by without a post...I don't think anyone officially follows me yet, so I'm not motivated to post more often.

I obtained a new client, a salon and spa located in Tumwater, WA, and will be ramping up their site after the holidays. They've been busy getting their business opened and staffed plus just hosted an open house. I'm waiting for more hard copy from them - stylists' biographies, product info, etc. Their landlord, a gourmet kitchen supply business, is also interested in having their web site updated/revamped.

I also submitted a proposal this fall to the HOA I've been managing for over 5 years - voluntarily. The costs of software/hardware upgrades, training, etc. plus increase in the actual site size to 15 pages has made this more of a costly venture for me. My proposal will cover my expenses - I'm not making a profit. I really enjoy doing this site, though, so still wanted to be involved.

I've decided the time is just about over to offer any new customers coming on board a great "deal". I'll be starting a "real" job at the end of January plus my pet sitting business is going pretty well. I have the latest amd greatest tools to work with: Adobe CS5, a new iMac and the latest Windows Office for Mac 2011. Getting up to speed on this software is going to take a lot of time, money and skill. We'll have to see...

I'm looking forward to upgrading a room in our house to a new home office. It was originally an office until the grandkids came along. We have moved the kids to another room and will redo an upstairs bedroom for their parents and/or guests, so I'll get my office back!

Looking forward to good things for 2011!