Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update 5/20/2010

I'm still toying with the WebWeaver site. I'm having difficulty getting color matching consistency across my web authoring program and all the browsers. (I'll be adding testing in Chrome and Opera soon.) What looks like purple in one turns out beige in another. And this even when using web-safe colors and RGB codes! I'm still trying to find a way to spruce up the text under the page heading. I played with some Javascript and Flash but don't know enough about either to make it look better than very amateurish or downright tacky. I'm not a fan of either one, actually, since they don't play nice across browsers and slow down page loads.

I bought some new software called "FontTwister" that makes almost endless deisgns and possibilities for fonts. Getting used to it and playing with it. Added a simple design to the HOA site.

I may be going back to work in the nursing field soon but part time. I found something that appears to pay well, offers flexibility and high tech. I'm hoping one endeavor doesn't interfere with the other but it might give my life some financial stability until my pet sitting and/or web design gets busier.

So far, so good with the hardware site. An updated business map appeared in Google this week after verification. Hope to visit the client next month to acquire more info for the site such as employee profiles, photos and updated product information.

I got some good marketing tips from my daughter, the sales & marketing "guru". Plan to get out there on craigslist very soon. Also plan to canvass businesses such as physician offices, HOAs, churches, etc. online. If they don't have a web site or what they have needs improvement I'll offer my services.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some Significant Progress....

Last week I finally completed my WebWeaver site! It's out there. However, I still have tweaking to do. The colors look awful on my Mac but good on my PC, especially a "weave" graphic I found to use as a content divider on each page. I matched colors in my logo to the graphic's colors in Photoshop but they are a far cry from anything resembling each other. My plan is to make the "weave" graphic a totally different color altogether. I also think the site lacks "pizazz". It's supposed to represent my abilities so this site really has to "pop"! I'm not a fan of web multimedia, Flash, etc. but I will continue to evolve the site as I continue to learn!

Last weekend also marked the completion of the HVAC site: The clients are pleased so far but will spend more time perusing all the product .pdfs, etc. and get back to me with any changes or additions. My goal was to make this site look "industrial" and have it very easy to navigate for end-users that are not technically savvy. I also made a point of trying to keep the .pdf files small so download times were quick. Spent some time submitting the site manually to Google and Yahoo. Also got a good analysis of the site from

A member of our HOA scanned a map of the community and thinks it would be good on the web site. I agree, but the map is of poor graphic quality so I am trying to get my hands on a better version, yet not too large a file. I'll be working on making either the scanned map or a better version available on the HOA website.

I'm ready for a (or some) new projects! Plan to advertise on craigslist this week.