Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Musings...

I need to sit my butt down and reach out in a new direction. Not sure which way to go! I signed up for a trial at lynda.com for further training and will likely continue with their monthly plan and see what interests me. I'd like to become more proficient with Wordpress.org - the self-hosted version of their software - and I've purchased an additional domain name and web space to give it a go. (I have had a potential client show some interest.) The plus to using Wordpress as a CMS, once I get someone set up, they can manage their own site.

The HOA site continues to be popular and more and more people are accessing it. I added a couple new pages including one with links to document archives.

I plan to update the HVAC site this month with some new products, energy tips and photos I took at the brick and mortar location earlier this summer.

Made a few minor formatting changes to the pet sitting site.

I'm getting a new computer! My older Mac was starting to deteriorate so I sent it in for recycling and Apple returned a gift card towards new product at their store. I wasted no time ordering a new system (refurbished at 25% off) and threw in their new Magic Trackpad, as well. It should arrive this week so once it's set up I'll be going great guns again!

Someone give me a project! Please!