Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid-Summer Update

After a vacation last month and some busy times over the July 4th holiday, I'm ready to jump back in and get to work!

I have made a minor site update to the HOA presence: I had been having problems with the color scheme looking good over all the browsers but I finally came up with a combination that is sufficient...for now. I added new navigation buttons plus the usual info and photo updates. I plan to add a new page to highlight the Parks & Recreation Committee, formed last winter. They have been making some great progress in improving the community and I want to make sure they are presented in a good light.

During my vacation last month I visited my HVAC client in Michigan. They are pleased with the web site and have a new line of product that I will be adding to their listing soon. They are located in Michigan and the economy has been hard on them there. However, business has picked back up this summer. I was able to take a few photographs and there were several customers in their shop during my visit.

I had hoped to do some major marketing of CreatureCare during a local pet event but the day before we had to put our old dog, 17, to sleep. I was in no shape to meet & greet! I am disappointed but continue to pass out business cards and make contacts when I can. I plan to run an ad in a local, free pet-related guide that is published every other month. I have until August to come up with something. I also plan to visit some pet-related businesses again to leave cards and my new brochures.

I also continue to hand out business cards to prospective clients of WebWeaver. I'm competing with folks who know enough about computers to try their hand at some of the "build-your-own" sites like Intuit. One business I had been courting for several months decided to go this way and it shows. Because this business is also a personal interest of mine I'm very motivated that they succeed. The site they created has no provision for online shopping and I think they are doing themselves and their customers a disservice by not offering this.

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